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Scrapbooking is the practice of combining photos, memorabilia and stories in a scrapbook style album. Scrapbooking has been around as long as there have been photos, but started becoming popular in Germany long ago. The scrapbooking that has been evolving now is new and different. As we learn more about color photographs and even digital photography for online scrapbooking, we are better able to store them in a manner that will preserve them.

Scrapbookers today have also embraced scrapbooking as a creative outlet. Our "Scrapbooking Resources" section has lots of ideas on how to express that creativity. New scrapbooking techniques, ideas and products are in great demand. These demands have spawned many new scrapbooking related businesses. In just a few short years scrapbooking has become a multi-million dollar a year business.

The future of scrapbooking will undoubtedly bring many "electronic" scrapbookers into the field of scrapbooking. The hardware to take digital photographs, the ability to transfer photos to disk and the software to manipulate photographs have amazing capabilities. The electronic scrapbook may ultimately be the only truly permanent scrapbook and so you will find information on this medium here also.

Here at Scrapbooking Now, we have a passion for scrapbooking and we've searched the web to find you the best resources. You'll find some great scrapbooking ideas on creating your very own scrapbook rooms, scrapbook poems, and some free scrapbook pages, free scrapbook downloads, and tons more!


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